Membership to our social dance club is based upon one criteria: that you want to have FUN! Members are required to take at least one series workshop every quarter, a small requirement considering you want to dance ... don't you? There are no quarterly dues whatsoever, however, there are fees per workshop.

Social Dancing

Typically a new dancer will start as a social dancer, attracted to dancing by an enjoyed event with dancing, - witnessing a TV show - yearning for more "social" in their social life - or being talked into it by a spouse, friend or relative. A small percentage of social dancers later find that their love of dance compels them to become competitive dancers.

However, the vast majority of new dancers will remain a social dancer all of their life and will reap many benefits from this activity. The most obvious benefit is that a competent social dancer is very popular with the opposite sex and in great demand at social events.

Besides the valuable social benefits of dancing, your participation in a regular program of ballroom dancing will produce significant mental and physical health benefits. Dancing is a great stress reliever. It builds confidence, alertness and good attitude. It also has been proven to be a great physical benefit as it physically tones the whole body in enjoyable exercise. In summary, dancing will add a new and very beneficial dimension to your life

Workshops in Series

Our club offers social dance workshops called "Series". Each series is a different dance. Not all ten dances are offered will be offered at one time in the same quarter, but a select handful will be selected for each quarter. Expect to see a series in the following dance styles:

International Latin
Cha Cha
Paso Doble

International Standard
Viennese Waltz

Social Club Events

Dance Parties!!!

Open to all members. Hosted by your very own officer team, a night of extravagant dancing. Show others what you've been working on, meet new people and get to know a few friends. Dress to impress, but stay casual enough to dance loosely and freely. Although a partner is not required, it would be nice of you to bring someone, either from class, or ask someone from the team to come with you.

Club Outings and Trips

Open to all members. As a social club, we will frequent many dance clubs, dance studios, attend dance performances, take fun trips, go see a movie together, or even bowl together. This club is all about having fun and that means you're all invited to come along enjoy it with us.


Open and REQUIRED of all members. Lets talk about our actions, bygone actions as well as future actions. You will be invovled in shaping and improving the overall quality of this club and we need your input, comments, suggestions and, most importantly, your time and willingness to help make this all work. Yes, don't be a free-loader. Give back what others have tried effortlessly to provide for you. Make it all worth it.

Club Wear

We have club t-shirts available to members and team jackets/pants that have our logo detailed on the back.



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