Dance Parties!!!

Open to all members. Hosted by your very own officer team, a night of extravagant dancing. Show others what you've been working on, meet new people and get to know a few friends. Dress to impress, but stay casual enough to dance loosely and freely. Although a partner is not required, it would be nice of you to bring someone, either from class, or ask someone from the team to come with you.

Club Functions

Fundraising Events

Open to all members. With some extra money (well, there's no such thing as "extra"), we can get some T-shirts for the guys, wife-beaters for the girls, get more food/drinks at the parties, rent high-end sound systems, purchase costumes, alleviate some bills ... you get the picture.


Open and REQUIRED of all members. Lets talk about our actions, bygone actions as well as future actions. You will be invovled in shaping and improving the overall quality of this club and we need your input, comments, suggestions and, most importantly, your time and willingness to help make this all work. Yes, don't be a free-loader. Give back what others have tried effortlessly to provide for you. Make it all worth it.



As a team, we travel to different cities and states across the nation to compete against other competitors from colleges and independent studios. That means we spend a lot of time together away from home. By all means, if we are competing locally, come watch us dazzle the spectators!


Our formation team and competitive couples may be performing their choreographed routines locally or nationally. We receive many requests to perform for different venues throughout the year. If feasible, we invite all members to come support our competitors.


Series Workshops

Open to all members. These series represents our social dance workshops that are designed to be fun, fast-moving and challenging. We will get you off your feet and dancing right away. No special practice attire is required, just wear something comfortable and look nice. We will be offering series workshops in the following dances. Note that some workshops are taught as a combo (more than one dance in the series) and others are taught as a sole dance.

Latin Ballroom (Standard)
Cha Cha Waltz
Rumba Quickstep
Samba Foxtrot
Jive Tango
Paso Doble Viennese Waltz

Special Guests

Open to all members. Occasionally, we will invite top professionals in the ballroom dance community to come and make a special appearance for our club. We invite you all to come and meet them, introduce yourself and maybe learn a thing or two. We may have them run a practice so you get exposure to professionals.

Bronze / Silver / Gold Workshops

Open to competitors only. Bronze workshops takes on a different focus and is more time-intensive. Emphasis will be placed on competitive level techniques, styling, leading/following and postural alignment. You are required to wear appropriate attire and professional ballroom dance shoes. In addition to learning the dances listed above, you will be learning choreographed routines that will prepare you for competition as a couple or as a formation team. If you are new, you may benefit from the wisdom and experience of the returning dancers. Membership as a competitor is by audition only. Competitors must pay quarterly dues.


Open to formation team members. Advanced competitors take pride in their involvement in a formation routine. Formation teams usually consist between 5 and 8 couples who dance in synchrony to choreographed dance steps and pre-edited music. The team will design custom and unqiue costumes that fit the theme of the routine. Membership to the formation team is only by audition. Formation team members pay quarterly dues.

Private Lessons

Open to all members by special arrangement. All members are eligible to take private lessons with our champion coaches in either Latin or Ballroom. Our coaches are professional competitors who have achieved world-class status and won many national awards. They have a deep understanding of how the body moves and a sincere appreciation of dance as an artform. They take their profession seriously and hold high expectations for our members. Lessons run for 45 minutes. Contact your captains for rates and scheduling.

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