Competitive Latin and Ballroom Dancing

Membership to the competitive team is strictly by audition and priority is given to social club members. Members of our club who have taken our group classes have the best understanding for what the different styles of dance are like, making them very appealing to our judging panel. Although we do not require any previous background in competitive latin and ballroom dancing, it can only help your chances of being accepted (hence taking our workshop series helps). We also welcome those with a background in other dance forms, such as ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop.

We do not recommend joining the competitive team rightaway. We think its more important for you to become familiar with the different dances that are available for competing. You can accomplish this by taking our workshop series.

To audition, please contact us.

Being on the competitive team requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We are always striving to become better than the year before. As a member of the ballroom dance team you MUST be reliable, have a strong work ethic, and be determined to improve as a dancer and as a person.

Practice Schedule
The Latin and Ballroom Dance Team will usually meet between 3-4 times per week. In the weeks leading up to a performance or competition, expect additional rehearsals.

Positive attitude and team mentality are strongly encouraged of ballroom dance team members. Team captains reserves the right to dismiss members based on demonstration of anything less than full team commitment, fostering of positive environment and personal accountability.

Competitive dancing, especially at its best, involves travelling, registering at competitions, and investing in sexy and elegant costumes. Team members are required to fundraise money to offset the cost of these necessities. Individual expenses will vary depending on how much is raised.

Who are we looking for?
Our Latin and Ballroom Dance Team consists of highly dedicated, time-committed and hard working individuals who have a passion for the ballroom dances. The formation team will consist of six to eight couples with two alternates preferably. In the event there are alternates, coach and team captain will decide who will perform for a particular event based upon performance ability. Members of the ballroom dance team participate purely on a volunteer basis.

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